If p, x1, x2….xi,….and q Y1, y2,…yi … Are In A.P. With Common Difference a and b respectively, Then Locus Of The Center Of Mean Position Of The Point Ai (xi, yi), i = 1, 2 …n is

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If px1x2….xi,….and q y1y2,…y… are in A.P. with common difference a and b respectively, then locus of the center of mean position of the point Ai (xi, yi), = 1, 2 …n is


Correct option is

Let the coordinate of the center of mean position of the points

      Ai, i = 1, 2 …n be (x, y), then





If a (2,0) and (0,2) are given points and p is a point such that PA:PB = 2:3 then the locus of p passes through the point (a,a) for


A(1, 3), B(3, 7) & C(7, 15) are three points. P is the midpoint of ABQ is the midpoint of BC. Locus of a point R which satisfies (PR)2 – (QR)= (AC)2 is


If A(1, a), B(a, a2), C(a2, a2) are the vertices of a triangle which are equidistance from the origin, then the centroid of the triangle ABC is at the point


Given the point A(0, 4) and B(0, –4), the equation of the locus of the pointp(x, y) such that |AP – BP| = 6 is


Coordinate (x, y) of a point P satisfy the relation 3x + 4= 9, y = mx + 1. The number of integral value of m for which the x-coordinate of p is also an integer is


The point A(2, 3), B(3, 5), C(7, 7) and D(4, 5) are such that 


Q, R and are the points on the line joining the points P(a, x) and T(b, y) such that PQ = QR = RS = ST.


The line joining A(bcos α, bsin α) and B(acos β, asin β) is produced to point M(x, y) so that AM : MB = b : a, then 


OPQR is square and M, N are the middle points of the sides PQ and QRrespectively then the ratio of the areas of the square and the triangle OMNis


If α, β, γ are the real roots of the equation x3 – 3px3 + 3qx – 1 = 0, then the centroid of the triangle with vertices