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Make Me IITian: Helps you to Fast Track your JEE Preparation

Solving a question is important but more important is to solve the question within the set time frame, or else your paper will never complete on Time.

Example: If each question is of 3 marks a question which is Easy and you take 3 minutes in solving it in that case you are loosing marks for 2 Easy question hence on taking 3 minutes in solving easy question you will be given -3 marks and not 3.

Based on this principle we at Kaysons Education have developed a "Patiented Algorithm" which uses Artificial intelligence based on Time and Gravity of question to give you grading from F to A+, where each level will improve your performance.

Make me IITian
Time Mangement for JEE

Time Management

Have you ever wondered how much time to spend on a question. If you solve a Easy question is 3 min is like you loosing 3 marks since you will not be able to complete the paper on time.

Adaptive Learning System for JEE

Adaptive Learning

If you are weak in a topic it will give you easy questions if you are strong in a topic it will give you difficult questions to challenge you understanding. A system which grows with you.

Adaptive Learning System for JEE


Knowing your weakness it the biggest strength you have when you are giving an Exam Like JEE. Chapter wise grading help you understand your knowledge of the subject

How to get the best of Make me IITian

Our Easy to understand user interface helps you focus on questions practicing leaving the anlaysis on us.