Kaysons Physics Electrostatics current electricity and Electromagnetism Videos

Physics Electrostatics current electricity and Electromagnetism Videos

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Moving Charge in Magnetic Field

Day 1: Introduction, Magnetic Field, Magnetic Field Lines and Magnetic Flux Caution.
Day 2: Motion of Charged Particles in a Magnetic Field, When θ is other than 0o, 180o or 90o, Thomson’s e/m Experiment.
Day 3: Following points are worth noting in case of a helical path, Deviation of a charged particle in magnetic field.
Day 4: Path of a charged particle in both electric and magnetic field, Case 1, When E ⃗↑↑B ⃗ and particle velocity is perpendicular to both of these fields, Case 2, When E ⃗⊥B ⃗ and the particle is released at rest from origin.
Day 5: Illustrations

Magnetic field of Current Element

Day 1: Introduction, Magnetic Field of a Straight Current- Carrying Conductor, Magnetic Field of a Circular Current Loop.
Day 2: Ampere’s Law, Field inside a long cylindrical conductor, Indentify and set up, Execute, Evaluate, Field of a solenoid, Identify and Set up, Execute, Evaluate,
Day 3: Magnetic Force on a Current – Carrying Conductor, Force between Parallel Conductors.
Day 4: Force and Torque on a Current Loop.
Day 5: Illustrations
Day 6: Illustrations

Magnetic Flux and Gauss’s law of Magnetism

Day 1: Introduction, Caution, Induction Experiments, Faraday’s Law, Faraday’s law of induction states, Direction of Induced EMF, Lenz’s Law, Finding the Direction of induced current, Motion Electromotive Force.
Day 2: Inductance, Mutual inductance, Caution, Self – inductance and inductors, Caution.
Day 3: Magnetic – field energy, Caution, The R – L circuit, Current Growth in an R – L circuit, Current decay in an R – L circuit.
Day 4: Illustrations
Day 5: Illustrations

School Level

Day 1:Para magnetism, Diamagnetism, Ferromagnetism.
Validity of the course JEE 2016- 30 june 2016
JEE 2017- 30 june 2017
JEE 2018- 30 june 2018
Total Number of DVD One DVD Containing Video Lectures
Total Number of Books 1 Book containing notes total pages 110
About the Teacher Mr. Pawan Kumar Verma ( Qualification: B-Tech IIT Roorkee Experience: 10 Years)
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