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Fluid Mechanics & Thermal Physics Videos

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Fluid Mechanics

Day 1: Introduction, Density, Pressure in a fluid, Pressure, Depth, and Pascal’s Law, Absolute pressure, Gauge pressure and pressure gauges, Self Efforts.
Day 2: Buoyancy, Archimedes's principle states, Self Efforts.
Day 3: Fluid Flow, The Continuity Equation, Bernoulli’s Equation, Turbulence, Self Efforts.
Day 4: Surface Tension, Pressure inside a bubble, Capillarity, Viscosity, Self Efforts.
Day 5: Illustration
Day 6: Illustration


Day 1: Introduction, Types of Mechanical Waves, Periodic Waves, Wave Function for a sinusoidal wave, Self Efforts.
Day 2: Speed of a Longitudinal wave, Sound Waves in Gases, Normal Modes of a String, Self Efforts.
Day 3: Boundary Conditions and Superposition, The Principle of Superposition, Standing Waves on a String, Organ pipes and wind instruments, Self Efforts.
Day 4: The Doppler Effect, Moving Listener, Moving Source and Moving Listener, Self Efforts.
Day 5: Illustration
Day 6: Illustration

Simple Harmonic Motion

Day 1: Introduction, Simple Harmonic Motion, Equations of simple harmonic motion, The Simple Pendulum, Self Efforts.
Day 2: Displacement, Velocity and Acceleration in SHM, Energy in Simple Harmonic Motion, Applications of Simple Harmonic Motion, Vertical SHM, Angular SHM, Self Efforts.
Day 3: Advance level Include objective, and Passage. Assertion Reason type questions with self effort.
Day 4: Illustration

Gravitation and Satellite

Day 1: Newton's Law of Gravitation, Determine the value of G, Gravitational Potential Energy, Apparent Weight, Self Efforts.
Day 1: The Motion of Satellites, The Motion of Planets, Kepler’s first Law, Kepler’s second Law, Kepler’s second Law, Self Efforts.
Validity of the course JEE 2016- 30 june 2016
JEE 2017- 30 june 2017
JEE 2018- 30 june 2018
Total Number of DVD One DVD Containing Video Lectures
Total Number of Books 1 Book containing notes total pages 120
About the Teacher Mr. Pawan Kumar Verma ( Qualification: B-Tech IIT Roorkee Experience: 10 Years)
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