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Day 1: Distance and Displacement, Some Conceptual Points, Average speed and Average velocity, Some Important Points, Instantaneous Velocity, Some Important Points.
Day 2: Average Acceleration and Instantaneous Acceleration, Some Important Point, Problem Solving Strategy, Motion in two or Three Dimension, Discussion, Motion Under Gravity, Discussion.
Day 3: Graphs.
Day 4: Velocity of Approach.
Day 5: Projectile Motion.
Day 6: Motion in vertical direction, co-ordinates and velocity components of projectile.
Day 7: Projectile Motion In Inclined Plane, Up the plane, Time of Flight, Range, Down The Plane.
Day 8: Relative Motion, (a) Minimum Distance Between Two Bodies In Motion, (b) River-Boat Problems, (i) Condition When The Boatman Crosses The River In Shortest Interval Of Time, (ii) Condition when the boatman wants to reach point B, i.e., at a point just opposite from where he Started, (c) Aircraft Wind Problems, (d) Rain problems.
Day 9: Aircraft Wind Problems, Rain Problems.
Day 10: Illustration.
Day 11: Illustration.


Day 1: Review of Concepts, Concept of Force and Net Force, Newton’s Second Law, Application Methods Using Newton’s Second Law Of Motion, Alternative Method, Statement Of Newton’s Third Law, Different types of forces in Nature, (a) Gravitational force, (b)Weight of body (mg), (c) Normal reaction force, Normal Reaction Forces In Different Situations, (d) Spring force, Combination of Springs, (i) Springs in series, (ii) springs in parallel, String, String, (a) Massless String, (b) Massive String, Some Important Points, Discussions, Some Important Points.
Day 2: Illustration.
Day 3: Illustration.


Circular Motion

Day 1: Angular Variables, Condition of Toppling of a Vehicle on Circular Tracks.
Day 2: 12. Centripetal force, 13. Centrifugal force.
Day 3: Illustration
Day 4: Illustration

Centre of Mass and Work Energy

Day 1: Centre of Mass of a Uniform Road.
Day 2: The centre of Mass of Some Rigid Bodies.
Day 3: The linear momentum of a body. External force acting on a system, elastic collision.
Day 4: Linear Momentum and its Conservation Principle, Collision, Elastic Collision in one Dimension, 1. Elastic Collision Between A Heavy Body and A Light Body, 2. Elastic Collision of Two Bodies of Equal Mass, Perfectly inelastic Collision in one Dimension, Final velocity, Loss in Kinetic Energy, Coefficient of Restitution, Elastic Collision in two Dimensions.
Day 5: Calculation of Work Done, Constant Force, Spring Force, Kinetic Energy.
Day 6: Illustration
Day 7: Illustration


Day 1: Mass Moment of Inertia of Common Geometrical Shapes.
Day 2: Rolling Motion on an Inclined Plane.
Day 3: Illustration
Day 4: Illustration
Validity of the course JEE 2016- 30 june 2016
JEE 2017- 30 june 2017
JEE 2018- 30 june 2018
Total Number of DVD Two DVDs Containing Video Lectures
Total Number of Books 1 Book containing notes total pages 136
About the Teacher Mr. Pawan Kumar Verma ( Qualification: B-Tech IIT Roorkee Experience: 10 Years)
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