Kaysons Physics, Chemistry, Maths,Video Lectures for JEE

Physics, Chemistry, Maths,Video Lectures for JEE

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Benefits of Video Lectures

Powerful Performance

Day Wise Study Routine

The complete Video Lectures are divided in 440 Lectures of 20 to 40 min known as days.

Powerful Performance

Over 6000 Questions

In our Video Lectures there are over 6000 questions from various topics which have been solved.

Powerful Performance

Time Saving

With the help of our video lectures you can complete a topic in 30 min which otherwise you would have taken 3 hrs.

Powerful Performance

Study at Your Pace

You can spend more time on topics you find difficult and complete your syllabus on time.


IIT JEE video Lectures By IITians

At Kayson Education we provide you Pen Drive or SD card containing 360 Hrs of Lectures by IITians. The video cover the complete syllabus of 11th and 12th as well as JEE

Best Faculty for IIT JEE Video Lectures

Mr. Pawan Kumar Verma (IIT-Roorkee Exp 15 years)
Mr. Sudhi Raj Verma (IIT-Kanpur Exp 18 years)
Mr. Sanjay Bagga (IIT-Delhi Exp 18 years)
Dr. Joseph Daniel (PhD IIT-Kanpur Exp 22 years)
Mr. Sagar Singh (IIT-Delhi Exp 7 years)
Mr. Nerendra Signh (IIT-Roorkee Exp. 13 years)

Biggest Question Bank For JEE
Biggest Question Bank For JEE

Animation Based Explanation

Difficult Topics easily understood with animation Organic Chemistry is explained in 3D help you understand better Complex Questions explained with animation< Theory Explained with the help of animations

Visual Understanding with the help of animation increases retention by 300%.


Video Lecture for JEE from Basic to Advance

In our video we cover the board syllabus including 11th and 12th as well. The video are in four Level
Conceptual Level: Concepts of a Topics are Explained
Board Level: Topics covered in Boards and not in competition
Advance Level: Mains Level Question solving
Ranker's Level: Advance Video Containing Tips and Tricks.

Biggest Question Bank For JEE
Validity of the course JEE 2020- 30 june 2020
JEE 2021- 30 june 2021
JEE 2022- 30 june 2022
Total Number of Pen Drive or SD Card 3 16GB Pen drive (for windows) or 1 32GB SD card (for android) Containing 360hrs of Video Lectures
Total Number of Books 19 Ebooks containing 3000 Pages
Doubt Clearing Not Included
Question Practcing Not Included
Test Series Not Included
National Test All National Test will be as per sechedule
Ranker's Level Get above 180 in any of our National Test
Make me IITian Get above 180 in any of our National Test
Mode of Payment Credit Card, Debit Card, Online Banking, Deposit in our account, Cheque or DD
Not Included
Not Included
Not Included
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Not Included

As per schedule you will be informed on our website or email.