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JEE Syllabus

The recent change in the examination pattern have given rise to multiple queries about whether the JEE syllabus has undergone modifications or there are new chapters added or deleted. But the JEE syllabus has remained the same as in JEE 2017. Here is a comprehensive review of the JEE syllabus for 2018-2019.

Physics Syllabus

The main aspects of Physics that you can expect in the IIT-JEE examination include:

·         Mechanics: Kinematics and Relative Velocity

·         General concepts: Vernier calipers, Young’s modulus by Searle’s method, Verification of Ohm’s law, dimensional analysis, units and dimensions, Newton’s Law of Motion, Kinetic and Potential Energy, Systems of Particles

·         Gravitational Law

·         Harmoic Motion

·         Thermal Physics and thermodynamics

·         Hooke’s law, Pascal’s Law

·         Young’s modulus.

·         Fluid Pressure

·         Wave motion, Doppler effect

·         Heat conduction

·         Electricity

·         Magnetism

·         Capacitance

·         Electric current

·         Ohm’s law

·         Biot–Savart’s law and Ampere’s law

·         Electromagnetic induction

·         Optics

·         Wave nature of light

·         Radiation, atomic nucleus

·         Photoelectric effect

 Chemistry Syllabus

If you are looking at the general overview of the chemistry syllabus, take a look at the JEE chemistry course that is included in the new pattern. The physical chemistry includes all of the basic concepts including the atomic theory while the other chapters and topics are:

·         Nuclear chemistry

·         Chemical kinetics

·         Extractive metallurgy

·         Energetics

·         chemical bonding

·         Chemical equilibrium

·         Solid state

·         Inorganic Chemistry

·         Electrochemistry

·         Solutions

·         Atomic structure

·         Surface chemistry

·         Compounds and their properties

·         Gaseous and liquid states

·         Principles of qualitative analysis

While the course and chapters in Organic Chemistry include:

·         Peptides

·         Concepts

·         Amino acids

·         Properties/reactions of alkynes and alkanes

·         Reactions of benzene

·         Practical organic chemistry

·         Phenols

·         Carbohydrates

·         Properties/uses of polymers

Mathematics Syllabus

One of the key subjects that hold weightage in the IIT JEE exam, mathematics covers all aspects of algebra, geometry, trigonometry and calculus. Here are the main topics that are completely part of the syllabus.

·         Trigonometry      

·         Quadratic equations

·         Symmetric functions of roots.

·         Logarithms and their properties.

·         Vectors

·         Permutations and combinations,

·         Binomial theorem and matrix operations

·         Probability

·         Analytical geometry

·         Differential and Integral calculus

Though the topics and chapters covered in the latest IIT JEE syllabus remains the same, the format of the examination has undergone a change. To ensure that you know most of the questions that you sit for, it is good to start early, take a step-by-step approach and study with the books and study material provided by Kaysons Education to excel in your examination.

Q. is ther any chances in JEE 2022 syllabus?

No there are no changes in JEE 2022 syllabus