Why Kaysons ?

Video lectures

Access over 500+ hours of video lectures 24*7, covering complete syllabus for JEE preparation.

Online Support

Practice over 30000+ questions starting from basic level to JEE advance level.

Live Doubt Clearing Session

Ask your doubts live everyday Join our live doubt clearing session conducted by our experts.

National Mock Tests

Give tests to analyze your progress and evaluate where you stand in terms of your JEE preparation.

Organized Learning

Proper planning to complete syllabus is the key to get a decent rank in JEE.

Test Series/Daily assignments

Give tests to analyze your progress and evaluate where you stand in terms of your JEE preparation.


1. How much time will take to complete the syllabus?

If you follow our day-wise pattern according to which you should give 30 minutes on each topic, you will complete the syllabus within nine months or revise your syllabus in four months.

Click here to download 9 months Study Time Table

Click here to download 4 months Study Time Table

2. What is the surety that the student will crack IIT?

We provide you a 75% money-back guarantee that if you complete 75% syllabus on our website by giving assignment (practicing question) and you do not crack JEE Mains.
The Second Method of getting your money refunded is that in Make my IITian if you are at Level C and you do not crack JEE Mains we will return 75% of Your Money

3. What is the teaching methodology of Kaysons Education?

Just the way it is taught in class that first, the teacher explains the theory after which he explains question followed by giving notes followed by giving assignments to practice at home.

Similarly, at kaysons, we follow the same pattern first the teacher is explains the theory in our videos followed by solving question if you have any doubts ask online. our books are the notes the teachers give finally you come online and give your assignments.

4. Do you cover Board syllabus along with JEE Preparation

Yes, we cover Complete NCERT and JEE Syllabus.

We have divided the syllabus 4 Levels

Conceptual Level: We teach the concepts related to the topics common to boards and competition (Ex: Derivations)

School Level: We teach the topics asked in boards, not in competitive level exams. (Ex: Properties of Magnetic Materials)

Advance Level: Solving question based on formulae and simple questions

Ranker's Level: Solving good quality and difficult questions

5. What is the process to get Rank Level program

If you are get 150 marks in the Kaysons Education's National Mock Test we will provide it free of cost to you.

Or you complete 75%(440) of your assignment getting above 75% we will unlock your Rankers Level free of cost.

6. How does the Kaysons Education Rank Prediction works

Kaysons Education Rank Prediction Works on the based of question you pratice on our site.

Every time you practice question or give assignments we evaluate your performance

Depending on accuracy and correctness of given answers your JEE Marks are predicted.

7. How many type of question are their at Kaysons Education to practice

We give 5 type of questions to pratice

Single Choice

Multiple Answers

Comprehensive or Paragraph Type

Integer Type


8. What is Make me IITian

Make me IITian is an Intelligent Question Practice Platform.

Depending on the time you take to answer a question and the gravity of the question you are given grades from F to A+

The basic principle behind Make me IITian is that if you answer an easy level question correctly in 3 min you will be given -3 marks since the time taken has costed you not to answer 2 questions for which you could have got 6 Marks.

9. How many questions are solved in Kaysons Education DVDs

We have over 6000 questions solved in our basic dvds

Another 4000 in Ranker's Level

10. How and When do i use Kaysons Education

We advice you to follow our time table if you are not taking tutions

Follow your class if you are taking tutions