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Give tests to analyze your progress and evaluate where you stand in terms of your JEE preparation.

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Proper planning to complete syllabus is the key to get a decent rank in JEE.

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Give tests to analyze your progress and evaluate where you stand in terms of your JEE preparation.


Videos Lectures for Mastering IIT JEE Main & Advance

Please have a look at our video lectures by Top Teachers with 20 years of Experience.
  • Physics JEE
  • Chemistry JEE
  • Maths JEE
  • Live Doubts

Projectile Motion | Physics Video Lecture for JEE by Pawan Kumar Verma Sir ( B.tech IIT Roorkee)

It is an interesting chapter as the students can figure out how to decompose 2D motions into respective axes. The basics should be covered for sure alongside the fundamental equations. Topics are Covered in this Lecture – 1-D Motion, 2-D Motion or Motion in a Plane, Projectile Motion, Vertical Mirror, Horizontal Mirror

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Atomic Structure | Chemistry Video Lecture for JEE by Sudhiraj Verma Sir (B.Tech IIT Kanpur)

This has resemblance with Atomic Physics this is a must do chapter as well. Working with different atomic models and problems related to Bohr’s model, Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, aufbau principle, pauli’s exclusion principle and other quantum mechanics principles are common. Topics are Covered in this Lecture –Thomson and Rutherford atomic models and their limitations, Nature of electromagnetic radiation, photoelectric effect Spectrum of the hydrogen atom.

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3D Geometry | IIT JEE Math Video Lectures by Sanjay Bagga Sir (B.Tech IIT Delhi)

3D Geometry is knowing all about the cases and the formulas associated with it. From the pattern itself, either 2 questions are straight out of the chapter or none. So, it become very important to not miss out on 2 questions. Topics are Covered in this Lecture –Coordinates of a point in space, the distance between two points, section formula, directions ratios and direction cosines, the angle between two intersecting lines.Skew lines, the shortest distance between them and its equation

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Online live coaching classes for JEE Main and advance 2023

From :
To : 30.06.2023
Subject M T W T F S
Physics --- 19:00 --- 19:00 --- ---
Chemistry 19:00 --- 19:00 --- --- ---
Mathematics --- --- --- --- 19:00 19:00

Video Lectures For IIT JEE Main & Advance

  • Explanations using interactive 3D Animations
  • Access over 500+ hours of JEE video lectures 24*7
  • Covering complete syllabus for JEE/Boards preparation
  • Specially dedicated videos for JEE questions practicing
  • Shortcut tips and tricks for JEE discussed to enhance accuracy
  • Day wise JEE videos 30 to 40 min per day
  • 7,000+ video solution of the JEE question discussed

Advance Video Player Features

We have created the player by keeping students in mind what features they want with the player which Exactly look like their books

Easy to use interface includes basics as well as advance features which make your studies more interesting

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Best Faculty for IIT JEE Video Lectures

Mr. Pawan Kumar Verma has done his B-Tech From IIT Roorkee. He has a teaching experience of over 15 years. He has taught in Bansal for over 6 years.

Mr. Sudhi Raj Verma has done B.Tech from IIT Kanpur and M.Tech From IIT Bombay with a teaching experience of 20 Year his path to Chemistry teaching started with a ‘passion for Chemistry from a young age' and turned into an aspiration to teach others about Chemistry

Mr. Sanjay Bagga has done B.Tech from IIT Delhi with a teaching experience of 20 Year Mr. Sanjay Bagga is teaching in FIITJEE for 8 years. A Student taught by him has secured AIR 1.

Animation Based Videos Explanation

Difficult Topics easily understood with animation Physics, Chemistry & Maths is explained in 3D help you understand better, Complex Questions explained with animation, Theory Explained with the help of animations, Visual Understanding with the help of animation increases retention by 300%

While making the Videos we have made sure that the teaching is done in a process in which the student can gradually uplift his understading of the subject to such a level where he logically discovers the solutions to a variety of problems himself. Successful problem solving requires flexibility and imagination on the part of student, we have ensured that we have used animation to best we could.

Video Lecture for IIT JEE from Basic to Advance

In our video we cover the board syllabus including 11th and 12th as well JEE. The video are in four Level
Conceptual Level: Concepts of a Topics are Explained
Board Level: Topics covered in Boards and not in competition
Advance Level: JEE Level Question solving
Ranker's Level: Advance Video Containing Tips and Tricks.

Our video lectures for IIT JEE are made by the best faculties,most of the time these faculty members are themselves from NITs/IITs so they have been there where you are now. They are experienced among the best in their area. So, you get to learn from the best teachers in your budget.

Advantage of Video Lectures

KAYSONS VIDEO APPROACH TO JEE EXAM We provide Videos for you to view at your home for JEE along with Books and Online Support.

DAY WISE STUDY ROUTINEThe complete Video Lectures are divided in 526 Lectures of 30 to 50 min known as days


OVER 6000+ QUESTIONSIn our Video Lectures there are over 6000 questions from various topics which have been solved.


TIME SAVINGWith the help of our video lectures you can complete a topic in 30 min which otherwise you would have taken 3 hrs to complete.


STUDY AT YOUR PACEyou can spend more time on topics you find difficult and complete your syllabus on time.

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The JEE MAINS and JEE ADVANCE are the exams conducted by National Testing Agency (NTA), for admission in IITs, NITs, IIITs, GFTIs and some private reputed engineering colleges. This is among India’s most difficult exams. The preparation for the exam needs to be strategic and disciplined.

How to prepare for the JEE exam?
Preparation of the JEE exam is a long term process, you will need to give your best to qualify and get in the best engineering colleges in India. Many students join coaching classes, some prepare with IIT JEE Video lectures, and some prepare with both of them. The best way for you will be decided by you considering your budget and your willingness.If you are confused about whether you should go for offline coaching or video lectures for IIT JEE or both, this article is for you.
Why should I prepare with video lectures for IIT JEE?
There are several reasons to choose video lectures for IIT JEE as your way of IIT JEE preparation. Let us see why you should choose it:
1) Flexibility:
This is the most important and most beneficial reason for most of the students. Students usually are not able to keep up with the pace of the offline coaching classes. But when you are preparing with online video lectures for IIT JEE, you can be flexible, you can decide for yourself the most convenient and most productive time to study a particular subject. Some people are not a morning person, they sometimes are not able to understand everything in the morning classes. But, with IIT JEE video lectures or online JEE preparation you can decide the time of study by yourself. Of course you should be disciplined with time, but you don’t need to be bounded with the time, your time table can be flexible.

2) Money is not a problem anymore:
There are so many reputed coaching institutes in India for IIT JEE preparation, a lot of students go to these coaching classes putting a lot of money and a lot of faith to achieve their dream of studying into the most prestigious colleges of India. But, it is not that simple for everyone who wants to prepare for this exam. Lot of students are not able to get coaching because of financial problems, they either decide to forget their dream after all or they prepare at home without proper guidance.

The video lectures for IIT JEE are the best solution for such students. Because you don’t have to go to a new city, buy a new room or hostel and pay heavy fees for coaching institutes. You can stay at your home (saving a lot of money), prepare with the lectures and can make steps towards your goal.

3) Practice questions and Online mock tests:
Practice is the most important thing when you are preparing for a competitive examination. You need to solve as many questions as you can to get a full grasp on the concepts and theories you have learned.

Only way to test how much you have got the concept is to solve questions, giving tests. The video lectures for IIT JEE provide lots of questions to practice at home and there are so many questions in the lectures itself that are solved by the teachers (the best part is if you have not got the question’s solution you can watch it repeatedly and try to understand).

There are mock tests in the series of video lectures for IIT JEE to test yourself by giving a mock exam. By giving the mock exam with all the rules which are there in a real JEE exam you can realise what are the mistakes you can make and try to improve those points. The key point is, you have to learn from your mistakes and to do that, you will have to make mistakes. So, these mock tests will make you realise your weak points and of course you can make them strong.

4) The best teachers:
The video lectures for IIT JEE are made by the best faculties, most of the time these faculty members are themselves from ś NITs/IITs so they have been there where you are now. They are experienced among the best in their area. So, you get to learn from the best teachers in your budget.
We are living in a digital world, technology is being used in every field. We are past the days when the only way to interact with teachers, to get what they have, was in the classroom. In the past years online coaching has earned a lot of popularity among the students. And why not they get everything they can in an offline classroom, sometimes even more.