Organise Learning is the Key to success

Ever wondered why some students studying just 3 hrs a day clears jee with good rank and students give 10 hrs a day does not. The answer is Time Management. Organizing your IIT JEE Preparation and giving correct time to revision is also equally important.

IIT JEE Study Planner

How to Create a Study Plan to help you achieve Good Rank in JEE

Planning to Prepare for JEE it involves you take care of the following 4 steps.


Understanding the syllabus

You can achieve this by joining Coaching classes or Video Lectures. Making a correct desision will help you achieve 20% more marks in JEE

We have explained the complete syllabus in 300 hrs of lectures in our video lectures


Questions Practicing

Practice helps you become perfect. We are not talking about how many questions you practiced in class it is how many you did on your own. Practising just 20 questions on your own every day will help you achieve 40% more Marks in JEE.

We have over 30000 questions for you to pratice along with solutions and doubt clearing


Organizing and Motivation

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Rather than thinking about JEE at first set you daily targets. Achieve weekly goals and as you come close to exams you will be surprise to know that all small goals has help your achive big in JEE. An organise plan will help you achieve 30% more marks in JEE.

We provide you are study plan which you can follow no extra effort needed


Knowing your weakness

Topics will you love and topics which you fear hold the key to your success. All topics in which you get less than 40% are weak and above 70% are stong knowing them and working to improve will help you get 10% more marks in JEE.

As you practising question on our website you analyis your performance and create report to help you understand your strength and weakness

What role does Kaysons Play in organising your Study Plan for JEE?

At Kaysons, We believe that organized learning is the key to success in JEE exams and so in order to achieve that we have divided the complete syllabus in 440 Lectures known as Day. While planing to create the course we had three things in mind. 

5 Simple step to create IIT JEE preparation Time Table

IIT JEE Preperation

Select the Start Date

IIT JEE study Planner

Select want you wish to learn

How to make a JEE time table

Mention the weekdays you will study

JEE advance time table

Please mention the days you will skip

(Ex Exam time, Functions, Etc). you can do this later as well.
JEE mains time table

Click on Generate Time Table

JEE 2020 Time Table

Complete your syllabus on Time and start revision by September 2020

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JEE 2021 Time Table

Complete your syllabus twice before Exams

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JEE 2022 Time Table

Work on JEE Foundations well as JEE with 3 revisions before exams

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