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Online Question Practice

  1. 30000 Questions to practice along with their solutions
  2. Progess Report
  3. Detail analysis on your performances.
  4. Helps you to find out in which topic you are weak

Online Test 

  1. 97 Chapter Test
  2. 19 Unit Test
  3. 20 Full syllabus Test
  4. Along with their result and Rank prediction

Make me An IITian

  1. This is an exclusive feature of Kaysons Education for student how have completed their syllabus.
  2. Question will be asked randomly from the complete syllabus
  3. Based on the time you take to answer the question the gravity of questions will change
  4. The topics you are weak in you will be given more question from that topic so that you improve in it
  5. This feature is enable once you complete your syllabus