If a spring extend by x on loading, then the energy stored in the spring is (T is the tension in the spring and k its force constant)


Correct option is


T = kx. Therefore x = T/k. Now energy stored in the spring




The time taken by a particle executing simple harmonic motion of time period T to move from the mean position to half the maximum displacement is


To raise the pitch of a stringed musical instrument, the player can


One end a long metallic wire of length L is tied to the ceiling. The other end is tied to a massless spring of spring constant K. A mass m hangs freely from the free end of the spring. The area of cross-section and Young’s modulus of the wire are A and Y respectively. If the mass is slightly pulled down and released, it will oscillate with a time period given by


A weight is attached to the free end of a sonometer wire. Resonance occurs at a length of 40 cm of the wire with a tuning fork of frequency 512 Hz. The weight is then immersed wholly in water, the resonant length is reduced to 30 cm. The relative density of the weight is


A particle is executing simple harmonic motion along the x-axis with amplitude 4 cm and time period 1.2 s. The minimum time taken by the particle to move from x = +2 cm to x = +4 cm and back again is



Two waves are represented by the following equations:


The ratio of intensities I2/I1 will be


The velocity of sound in a diatomic gas is 300 ms–1. What is the rms velocity of its molecules?  


The length of a sonometer wire AB is 100 cm. Where should the two bridges be placed from end A to divide the wire in three segments whose fundamental frequencies are the ratio of 1:2:3?


A toothed wheel is rotated at 120 r.p.m. A post card is placed against the teeth. How many teeth must the wheel have to produce a note whose pitch is the same as that of a tuning fork of frequency 256 Hz?


A pulse travels along a stretched string and reaches the fixed end of the string. It will be reflected back with