Why Kaysons ?

Video lectures

Access over 500+ hours of video lectures 24*7, covering complete syllabus for JEE preparation.

Online Support

Practice over 30000+ questions starting from basic level to JEE advance level.

Live Doubt Clearing Session

Ask your doubts live everyday Join our live doubt clearing session conducted by our experts.

National Mock Tests

Give tests to analyze your progress and evaluate where you stand in terms of your JEE preparation.

Organized Learning

Proper planning to complete syllabus is the key to get a decent rank in JEE.

Test Series/Daily assignments

Give tests to analyze your progress and evaluate where you stand in terms of your JEE preparation.


Kaysons DLP for JEE offers you with Money Refunded

At Kaysons Education, We provides you quality DLP and study Material so that you can get the JEE mains exam cleared. We will return 75% of the amount we charge in case you didn't get what we have promised.

Best dlp for iit jee



So how does the Guaranteed Results in JEE main work

Qualify for JEE Advance: Solve 6000 questions (for JEE 2021: 17 questions per day and for JEE 2022 just 9 questions a day every day) on our platform Correctly you do that we will ensure that you qualify for JEE Advance or else we will refund the amount

  1. We provide you Best Quality video from the best IIT JEE faculties
  2. The videos are organized into 440 days (Lectures). Each day has an assignment (IIT JEE Question Practice) on our website.
  3. Each Assignment contains 15 questions.
  4. You can give unlimited assignments against each day.
  5. JEE Mains guarantee is only valid for the complete package for JEE 2021, JEE 2022, JEE 2023, JEE 2024

Want all we provide in the DLP

Video Lectures for JEE

Includes 11th and 12th syllabus containing 360 hours of Lectures by IITians, concepts Explained using 2D and 3D animation Contains Theory as well as Questions with over 6000 Questions discussed in videos

Reference Books or class Notes

18 Books will be provided, containing definition, derivation and important topics to remember with day Wise Studies, advancing from basic to JEE Advance

Question Bank for IIT JEE

Over 30,000 Questions along with Solution, Single Choice Question - 8,000 Questions, Multiple Choice Question - 8,000 Questions, Comprehensive Type Question - 7,000 Questions, Integer Type Question - 7,000 Questions

Doubt Clearing

Clear your doubts online that are related to any subjects’ unit. Not just own but a student can check other’s queries with solutions that are related to the topic

IIT JEE Preparation Time Table

At Kaysons, We believe that organized learning is the key to success in JEE exams. While preparing the video we mainly had two objectives in mind.

Test Series for JEE

We provide the most comprehensive test series for JEE Online Test.104 Chapter Test, 19 Unit Test, 9 Subject Test, 20 Full syllabus Test. Along with their result and Rank prediction

You Don't Believe us!  so what the catch.

The catch is simple to clear JEE you need to practice questions most of the student neglect question practing we say that if you have practiced enought questions you can clear JEE.

JEE is one of the most difficult exams how can you give guaranteed results.

IIT JEE is difficult is just a Myth. Believe us. 30% of the paper is easy (Board Level) 40% of the paper is medium (if you have practiced enough questions you can solve them easily). So we ask you where the difficulty? Nothing just lack of questions practicing.

How many Payments have we refunded since 5 year?

To be honest none. Yes Every Student who has completed even 3000 Questions on our site has qualified JEE Mains and given JEE Advance. Infact all 193 student who have practice above 5000 questions have got rank below 5000 in JEE. There is no shortcut for ranking in JEE but practice that's it.

If I practice questions offline through some other books will it be counted?

JEE is an Online Exam so you should get use to practicing online. The range of questions on our website covers all kind of questions ranging from easy to diffcult over last 10 years we have improved our questions bank and providing over 30000 questions. We have not come across any other source which is providing such extensive questions banks so we can not trust any other source. In short no.

Can I crack IIT JEE without coaching?

Yes, it is possible. The surveys done over the past decades reflect almost half the students crack the examination without formal coaching through self-study. 

How can I crack IIT JEE with change in the examination?

Over the years, IIT JEE has seen change in terms of both curriculum and pattern. This is done to ensure that a systematic mechanism is not formed producing students well versed with a particular pattern without the knack of engineering. To stay in touch with the latest pattern, one must be acquainted with the official announcements. Alongside, online platforms have come as substitutes to crack IIT JEE without coaching.

Is it possible to self-study for one year and crack the IIT JEE examination?

It is possible to prepare for IIT JEE in one year without coaching. However, this will require a strong will power and discipline alongside a curated roadmap. E-learning platforms such as Kaysons work to create planners for students to take help of to divide the syllabus and approach it with intent. Thus, it is possible.

How to prepare for IIT JEE in class 11 without coaching?

With two years in hand, this is a very important time to focus on the concepts and work on as many different problems possible. The exam is known for its vastness and difficulty altogether and with 2 years, one must try to finish the course early and move on to revision which can consolidate the understanding. It is also important to focus more on practicing the numerical.

What are the alternates for formal coaching available and should I opt for them?

Today, many e-learning platforms have come across as a much cheaper, convenient and portable substitute to the formal coaching. The ratio of students cracking the IIT JEE without coaching in the formal sense have gone up ever since. With the current scenario, the nation is moving towards a digital revolution and this will ensure that the formal coaching will be rapidly substituted unless they adapt. This will allow even more students to appear for the examination and crack IIT JEE without coaching.

What are the main challenges for students preparing to crack IIT JEE without coaching?

The main advantage of the formal coaching is the constant guidance and the environment. Thus, while opting for self-study, it is important to be a part of a peer group with the common goal and prepare accordingly. It is important to take help of planners and time tables as well to stay committed to the purpose.

What are some extra tips to crack IIT JEE without coaching?

With the removal of formal methods, one needs to first of all choose the set of study material, corresponding question banks and rely on a platform which provides all the support together to maintain uniformity. It is hugely important to focus on the doubt clearing since it can become quite a bottleneck during the preparation.

How is it possible for students to crack IIT JEE without coaching?

It is very important to understand that there are no alternatives for the self-study. Even if you study under and excellent faculty, the onus of understanding and clarifying the gaps lie with the student. Thus, it is very important to focus on this aspect of allocating time for oneself to understand the subject and practice on one’s own. However it is suggested to follow the tried and tested roadmaps to effectively utilize one’s time.