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A snapshot on this historic event nationwide!

The most sought after annual exam in India was the IIT JEE exam also called the Common Entrance exam(CEE). This prestigious exam was the doorway to 15 branches of Indian Institute of technology as well as ISM Dhanbad and IIT BHU. The first time the exam ever took place was in 1960 and comprised of 4 papers including an English language test. Internationally recognised as a bench mark of excellence 8 more branches have been set up by the Human Resource Department other than the present 15.

Through this exam IITians have made a name for themselves not only in India but the world over giving them entrance into international universities and top class jobs. Down the road the IIT JEE exam pattern has taken many twists and turns. Around 2000-2005 a preliminary screening test was incorporated towards easing out the stringent admission procedure but now that too has been shelved and a single objective type paper has been substituted. Now the exam is known as the JEE mains and JEE advanced exam.

Latest, much awaited news for IIT aspirants is that now the JEE mains and advanced exam will be merged into one, taken as the IIT joint entrance examination and will be held in the second week of April 2015. It will take place in the form of a written test as well as online. This change will enable more students to take part in this historic event and will ease the pressure on students.

The IIT JEE exam approach 2015: The most crucial time for preparation towards JEE exam is in classes 9th 10th 11th and 12th.They are the formative years which will determine what kind of marks one will get in the 12th boards and the in the competitive IIT JEE entrance examination.

The exam comprises of 3 subjects namely physics chemistry and mathematics. Physics includes mechanics, thermal physics, electricity and magnetism, electromagnetic induction, optics, wave nature of light and modern physics. Chemistry has the following: Physical chemistry, organic chemistry and inorganic chemistry. Parts of mathematics are algebra, trigonometry, geometry calculus and vectors.

Equal time and energy should be given to each subject but one needs to pay more attention to subjects that they are weak in. The world is full of opportunities; the winner is the one who delves into reality and brings out the best option for themselves. An IIT JEE student is a winner!


The one tiered IIT JEE- in coming year 2015!

IIT JEE exam 2015 will be one of its kind held in the annals of history for IIT aspirants. The new system has shelved the two tiered examination and has substituted it with one common IIT JEE entrance examination.

The main aim of this change is to decrease the pressure on JEE aspirants.  The single tiered exam will encourage more students to apply and try their luck. IIT JEE is the doorway to a huge world of opportunities within the nation as well as abroad. Those with this engineering degree have a place in society that cannot be rivalled by any other degree. As we all know that a new set up for the IIT JEE exam has up in Dubai thus widening the periphery of this exam.

Those giving the exam must be aware of the fact that 60% is required in the 12th boards and for SC ST IT IS 55%.Thus hard work begins from class nine itself. 

The IIT JEE exam pattern will consists of three main papers like physics chemistry and mathematics. In physics kinematics is be given lot of weight age from exam point of view. There will be two papers of 3hours each and it will include negative marking too.

For JEE Mains, the first paper will have physics chemistry and math and the second paper will include mathematics, drawing test and aptitude test.

The aptitude test is a new addition to IIT Joint entrance examination and will incorporate tests such as freehand drawing, geometrical drawing, three dimensional perception, imagination and aesthetic sensitivity and architectural awareness.

JEE mains will have a total of 90 questions in a 3 hour paper. This will hold a weight age of 360 marks. Good news is that marks for correct answer will be +4 whereas for incorrect answer there will be negative marking of -1.This will be held in both online and offline modes.

JEE advanced will have a similar exam pattern as the above. The students appearing for this JEE exam need to be in the top 20 percentile of their class 12th boards. It has been declared that top 1.5 lakh students of JEE mains can appear for JEE advanced.

 The above information is for all those aspirants who want to make it big in the world. With IIT JEE the world is your stage for you to excel and flourish!