The Transition Elements Are More Metallic Than The Representative Elements Because They Have

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The transition elements are more metallic than the representative elements because they have


Correct option is

Availability of d-orbitals for bonding

Transition elements are more metallic than representative elements due to the availability of d-orbitals for bonding.



An inorganic compound on strong heating gave a blackish brown powder and two oxides of sulphur. The powder was dissolved in HCl when a yellow solution was obtained which gave a blood red coloured solution with thiocyanide ions. The inorganic compound may be


The species that undergoes disproprotionation in an alkaline medium are


In industrial smog, Cu corrodes to


IE1 of Cu (3d10 4s1) is less than that of Zn (3d10 4s2) because it is easy to remove an electron from a half-filled s-orbital as compared to fully-filled s-orbital. However, in case of IE2, the electron is lost from 3d orbital of Cu and 4s orbital of Zn and loss of electron from 4s orbital is easier as compared to fully-filled 3d orbital.



An inorganic compound (A) gave the following reactions

(i) The compound on heating gave a residue and a gaseous mixture of NO2and O2.

(ii) The aqueous solution of (A) gave a white precipitate with sodium chloride solution. The precipitate dissolves in NH4OH. The compound (A) is


Silver nitrate produces a black strain on skin due to


A metal, M which is not affected by strong acids and strong bases but dissolves in aqua-regia forms MCl3 which is used for toning in photography. The metal M is


Transition elements exhibits variable valencies because they release electrons from the following orbits


Which forms interstitial compounds?


Permanent magnets are generally made of alloys of