If, you have prepared well then chemistry for IIT JEE is the subject that can assure your good marks in the exam. In the exam pattern of IIT JEE chemistry paper most of the topics are tested directly and are not very twisted to check the aspirant’s skills and knowledge.

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Questions for Inorganic Chemistry for JEE

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Important Topics in Inorganic Chemistry Part 1 for IIT JEE

Basic concept of periodic table (Topic Weightage : 2 %)

Periodic Table, Electronic Configuration of alkali Metals, Halogens, Atomic Radius, Covalent Radius, Vander walls Radius, Metallic Radius, Successive Ionization Enthalpy, Electro negativity

Metallurgy (Topic Weightage : 2 %)

Ores and minerals, Hydraulic washing / Levigation / Gravity Saperation, Froth Floatation Method, Calcination, Ellingham diagram, Thermite welding process, Self reduction Method, Electrolytic Reduction Method, Chromatographic Method. Bessemer Convertor. Metallurgy of Pb, Zinc,Tin (Sn),Mg.

s-block elements (Topic Weightage : 4 %)

Alkali metals, Extraction of Sodium,Potassium, Down’s process, Properties by Castner & Kellner’s cell, Potassium, Alkaline Earth Metals, Compounds of Mg,