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We provide you DVDs for you to view at your home for JEE Mains and Advance BITS, preparation, along with Books and Online Support.

VideoDVD for IIT & AIEEE

  • Includes 11th and 12th syllabus.
  • Containing 300 hours of Lectures by IITians.
  • Concepts Explained using 2D and 3D animation.
  • Contains Theory as well as Questions.
  • Ask your Doubts online

Reference Books

  • 19 Books will be provided
  • Day Wise Studies and Assignments
  • Advancing from basic to JEE Advance
  • Test at End for self Assessment

Online Support

  • Ask your Doubts online
  • Progess Report
  • Detail analysis on your performances.
  • Helps you to find out in which topic you are weak

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IIT JEE distance learning coaching material. I bought this half a year ago towards the end of my 12th grade it really helped me a lot. I could watch all the lectures when i wanted and practice the problems given in the material.The special thing about this material is its divided into days and on particular day you just have to spend 30mins on one subject and the whole JEE syllabus will be covered in 6months if you follow this plan. You will have lots of time to practice problems on your own and the teachers who have given lectures are well experienced and you can find their details on kaysonseducation website. JEE coaching usually costs you around 1 lakh a year but with this material you can prepare at your convinience.

Bhargav P
Pawan Verma
Mr. Pawan Verma
Have taught in Bansal for over 6 years and since 2005 over 50 students have got ranks below 500

Qualification: B-Tech IIT Roorkee
Experience: 12 Years
Age: 38 Years
Email :
Sanjay Bagga
Mr. Sanjay Bagga
Has taught in FIITJEE for 5 years. He is known as the mathematics concept builder.

Qualification: B.Tech IIT Delhi
Experience: 18 Years
Age: 45 Years
Email :
Sudhi Raj Verma
Mr. Sudhi Raj Verma

Qualification: B.Tech IIT Kanpur, M.Tech IIT Mumbai
Experience: 17 Years
Age: 47 Years
Email :
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