Clear JEE or Get your Money Refunded

At Kaysons Education, We provides you quality study materials so that you can get the JEE mains exam cleared. We will return 75% of the amount we charge in case you didn't get what we have promised.

Sure shot selection in JEE

So how does the Guaranteed Results in JEE main work

Qualify for JEE Advance: All you have to do is study systematically and complete our assignment so that we know you were using our products properly

  1. We provide you Best Quality video from the best IIT JEE faculties
  2. The videos are organized into 440 days (Lectures). Each day has an assignment (IIT JEE Question Practice) on our website.
  3. Each Assignment contains 15 questions.
  4. You can give unlimited assignments against each day.
  5. If you complete assignment for 75% (330 Assignments) of the syllabus getting above 75% Marks and you do not clear JEE we will refund you 75% of the amount.
  6. JEE Mains guarantee is only valid for the complete package for JEE 2020, JEE 2021, JEE 2022, JEE 2023

What all we provide

Videos for IIT

Includes 11th and 12th syllabus containing 300 hours of Lectures by IITians, concepts Explained using 2D and 3D animation Contains Theory as well as Questions with over 6000 Questions discussed in videos

Reference Books or class Notes

19 Books will be provided, containing definition, derivation and important topics to remember with day Wise Studies, advancing from basic to JEE Advance

Question Bank for IIT JEE

Over 30,000 Questions along with Solution, Single Choice Question - 8,000 Questions, Multiple Choice Question - 8,000 Questions, Comprehensive Type Question - 7,000 Questions, Integer Type Question - 7,000 Questions

Doubt Clearing

Clear your doubts online that are related to any subjects’ unit. Not just own but a student can check other’s queries with solutions that are related to the topic

IIT JEE Preparation Time Table

At Kaysons, We believe that organized learning is the key to success in JEE exams. While preparing the video we mainly had two objectives in mind.

Test Series for JEE

We provide the most comprehensive test series for JEE Online Test.104 Chapter Test, 19 Unit Test, 9 Subject Test, 20 Full syllabus Test. Along with their result and Rank prediction

You Don't Believe us!  so what the catch.
The catch is simple to clear JEE you need to practice questions most of the student neglect question practing we say that if you have practiced enought questions you can clear JEE.

JEE is one of the most difficult exams how can you give guaranteed results.
IIT JEE is difficult is just a Myth. Believe us. 30% of the paper is easy (Board Level) 40% of the paper is medium (if you have practiced enough questions you can solve them easily). So we ask you where the difficulty? Nothing just lack of questions practicing.

How many Payments have we refunded since 2 year?
To be honest none. Yes Every Student who has completed even 200 assignments on our site has qualified JEE Mains and given JEE Advance.