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Magnetic Flux and Gauss's Law of Magnetism

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Among the following properties describing diamagnetism identify the property that is wrongly stated


For a paramagnetic material, the dependence of the magnetic susceptibility  on the absolute temperature is given as


If a ferromagnetic material is inserted in a current carrying solenoid, the magnetic field of solenoid


In the hysteresis cycle, the value of H needed to make the intensity of magnetization zero is called

Q. What is Magnetic Flux?

Its the measurement of the total magnetic field passing through a given area.

Q. What is the magnetic flux through a closed surface?

Magnetic flux through a closed surface is always zero

Q. What is the unit of magnetic flux?

The unit of Magnetic Flux is tesla-meter2 or weber(Wb)

Q. What is Gauss's Law of Magnetism?

Gauss Law of Magnetism states that the surface intergral of the magnetic field over a closed surface is equal to zero.

Q. Can DC be generated By the principle of electromagnetic Induction?


Q. why we don't consider no. of turns in writing flux in mutual inductance whereas we consder in self inductance?

read this article http://www.electronics-tutorials.ws/inductor/mutual-inductance.html

Q. Is it true that when direction of any object is reversed from its previous direction then direction of induced current will also change?

direction of rotation of object change,direction of emf also changes.