In the tech savvy scenario, Kaysons Education has brought the concept of IIT JEE Maths Video Lectures for aspirants. These online video lectures are available online with us and lectured by IITians.There are about 300 hours of IIT Maths Video Lectures that can be availed by the students. All you have to do is simply pick your topic, see the related video lecture and give the assignments.

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Mr. Sagar singh
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Questions for Algebra  for JEE

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Important Topics in Algebra  for IIT JEE

Complex Number (Topic Weightage : 4 %)

  • Sum, Product, Difference, Division of two complex numbers, Modulus and argument of a complex number, Polar form. The geometrical, Vector representation of complex numbers, square root, cube root of a complex numbers,De-Moivre’s Theorem, n-th root, Properties of Moduli, rotation. 

Theory of Quadratic Equations (Topic Weightage : 4 %)

  • Roots of the equation, Modulus Function, Greatest Integer function, 

Permutations and Combinations (Topic Weightage : 4 %)

  • Fundamental Theorem,, Combination,

Probability (Topic Weightage : 6 %)

  • Event, Classical Definition of Probability, Axioms of Probability, Conditional Probability, Multiplication Theorem, Independent events, Binomial Distributions, Inverse Probability (Baye’s rule).

Progressions & Series (Topic Weightage : 3 %)

  • Arithmetical Progression, Geometrical Progression, nth term of a G.P.,Arithmetic-geometric series, Harmonical Progression (H.P.), .

Binomial Theorem (Topic Weightage : 3 %)

  • Binomial theorem, Binomial coefficients 

Matrices (Topic Weightage : 2 %)

  • Types of Matrix, Matrix Multiplication. Kinds of Matrices, The Transpose of Matrix, Symmetric Matrix, The Inverse of Matrix, 

Mean and Variance (Topic Weightage : 1 %)

  • Discrete Random Variable, Probability Distribution, 

Linear Programming (Topic Weightage : 1 %)

  • Discrete Random Variable, Probability Distribution, , Optimal Product Line Problems, Transportation Problems.