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Algebra is vast and evidently constitutes one-third of the entire subject. 10 to 11 questions are asked every year from this unit. Sequence & Series, Matrices & Determinants and Probability together cover more than half the weightage of the unit and should not be missed at any cost. Rest of the chapters have more or less equal weightage adding 1 question every year. Complex Number and Binomial Theorem can be kept as the last subjects to prepare from.

JEE Algebra Chapter Wise Overview

Number of questions asked in each chapter of Algebra from 2010 to 2020 in JEE


JEE Maths Chapter-wise weightage of JEE Algebra 2020

Let's find out the chapter-wise weightage of the unit Algebra JEE

Chapters Weightage


List of important topics Algebra JEE

  • Complex Numbers
  • Modulus and Conjugate of Complex numbers
  • Quadratic equations
  • Matrices: Types and Operations
  • Adjoint and Inverse of a Matrix
  • Determinants
  • Area of Triangles
  • Permutations & Combinations
  • Probability
  • Bayes' Theorem
  • AP, GP & their means
  • Relationship between AM and GM
  • Binomial Theorem
  • Calculation of Mean Deviation, variance & standard deviation

Algebra JEE Syllabus 2023,2024

  • Complex numbers as ordered pairs of reals, Representation of complex numbers in the form a + ib and their representation in a plane, Argand diagram, algebra of complex number, modulus and argument (or amplitude) of a complex number, square root of a complex number, triangle inequality.
  • Quadratic equations in real and complex number systems and their solutions Relations between roots and co- efficient, nature of roots, the formation of quadratic equations with given roots.
  • Matrices, algebra of matrices, type of matrices, determinants and matrices of order two and three, properties of determinants, evaluation of determinants, area of triangles using determinants, Adjoint and evaluation of inverse of a square matrix using determinants and elementary transformations, Test of consistency and solution of simultaneous linear equations in two or three variables using determinants and matrices.
  • The fundamental principle of counting, permutation as an arrangement and combination as section, Meaning of P (n,r) and C (n,r), simple applications.
  • Binomial theorem for a positive integral index, general term and middle term, properties of Binomial coefficients and simple applications.
  • Arithmetic and Geometric progressions, insertion of arithmetic, geometric means between two given numbers, Relation between A.M and G.M sum up to n terms of special series; Sn, Sn2, Sn3. Arithmetico-Geometric progression.
  • Measures of discretion; calculation of mean, median, mode of grouped and ungrouped data calculation of standard deviation, variance and mean deviation for grouped and ungrouped data.
  • Probability: Probability of an event, addition and multiplication theorems of probability, Baye's theorem, probability distribution of a random variate, Bernoulli trials and binomial distribution.

Algebra JEE Video Lectures


Algebra JEE Books

List of Chapters Algebra  
1-Complex Numbers Download
2-Theory of Quadratic Equations Download
3-Permutations and Combinations Download
4-Probability Download
5-Progression and Series Download
6-Binomial Theorem Download
7-Determinants Download
8-Matrices Download
9-Mean and Variance Download
10-Linear Programming Download

Algebra JEE Test Series 2022,2023,2024

List of FREE Algebra JEE Tests  
Paper set 1 (Easy) Download Questions Download Solutions
Paper set 2 (Moderate) Download Questions Download Solutions
Paper set 3 (Difficult) Download Questions Download Solutions