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5 questions are asked every year from this unit. However it is easy to direct the preparation keeping in mind the weightage of various chapters. Straight Line, Circle are the most important chapters in this unit and should be must prepared. Hyperbola can be prepared at last.

JEE Coordinate geometry Chapter Wise Overview

Number of questions asked in each chapter of coordinate geometry from 2010 to 2020 in JEE


JEE Maths Chapter-wise weightage of JEE Coordinate geometry 2020

Let's find out the chapter-wise weightage of the unit Coordinate geometry JEE

Chapters Weightage


List of important topics Coordinate geometry JEE

  • Slope of Lines
  • Distance of a Point From a Line
  • Distance between 2 parallel lines
  • Centroid, Incentre, Orthocnetre and Circumcentre of a triangle
  • Equations of Tangents, Normal and Chords of Circles
  • Ellipse
  • Parabola
  • Hyperbola
  • Direction cosines and Equation of Lines in Space
  • Angle & distance between 2 lines
  • Equation of Planes
  • Angle between two planes

Coordinate geometry JEE Syllabus 2023,2024

  • Co- ordinate Axes, Rectangular Cartesian co – ordinates of a point, Distance Between Two Points. Section Formulae, Formula For Internal Division, Formula For External Division. Centroid of a Triangle, Incentre, Circumcentre of a Triangle, Area of a Triangle. Locus and Its Equation, Equation of a locus, Change of Axes or the Transformations of Axes, Removal of the term xy from f (x, y) = ax2 + 2hxy + by2 without changing the origin.
  • Angle of inclination of line, Slope of gradient of a line, Angle between two lines, Line parallel to co – ordination axes. Intercepts of a line on axis, Different forms of the equation of a straight line. Reduction of general equation to standard form, The distance form or symmetric form or parametric form of a line Theorem, Position of a point relative to a line, Position of two points relative to a given line, Distance of a point from a line, Working Rule, Distance between two parallel lines. Area of parallelogram, Point of intersection of two lines, Concurrent lines, Family of lines, How to find Circumcentre and orthocenter by slopes, How to find Orthocenter, line equally inclined with two lines. Equation of the bisectors, Bisector of the angle containing the origin, Working Rule, Equation of that bisector of the angle between two lines which contains a given point, How to distinguish the acute (internal) and obtuse (external) angle bisectors, Short cut method for finding acute (internal) and obtuse (external) angle bisectors, REFLECTION Image or reflection of a point (x1, y1) about a line mirror, Optimization (Minimization or Maximization).
  • Pair of Straight Line, Homogeneous Equation in Two Variables, Two Very Useful Identities, Angle between the pair of straight line y = m2x and ax2 + 2hxy + by2 = 0, Bisectors of the Angle Between the Lines Given by a Homogeneous Equation. General Equation of Second Degree, Important Facts, To find the two lines, Angle, Removal of First Degree Terms, Removal of XY term: Rotate the axis with angle θ, Equation of the lines joining the origin to the points of intersection of a given line and a given curve, Curve.
  • Circle, Equation of a Circle, Chord and Diameter, Equation of Circles in Different Forms, General Form, Rule For Finding the Centre and Radius of a Circle, Parametric Form, General Form, Conditions For a Circle, Nature of the Circle, Concentric Circle. Diameter Form of a Circle, Equation of Circle Passing Through Three Non-Collinear Points, Cyclic Quadrilateral, Intercepts Made on the Axes by a Circle, Different Form of the Equation of a Circle. Position of a Point With Respect to a Circle, Maximum and Minimum Distance of a Point From the Circle, Intersection of a Line and a Circle, Product of Algebraic Distances PA and PB is the constant when from P, A secant be drawn to cut the circle in the points A, B, Length of intercept cut off from a line by a circle, Tangent to a Circle at a Given Point, Wrong Process, Find its tangent only by calculus.
  • Parametric Forms, Normal to a Circle at a Given Point, Different Forms, Tangents From a Point to a Circle. Power of a Point With Respect to a Circle, Chord of Contact, Definition, Chord Bisected At Given Point. Pair of Tengents, Director circle, Diameter of A circle, Pole and Polar, Coordination of pole of a line, Properties. Two Circle Touching Each Other, Common tangents to two circles, How to find the direct common tangents, How to find transverse common tangents, Transverse imaginary, Common chord of two circles, Length of common chord. Family of Circles, Angle of intersection of two circles, Radical Axis, Some properties of radical axis, Radical Centre, Coaxial System of Circles, Limiting Point.
  • Conic Section, Recognisation of Conics, Standard Equation of Parabola. General Equation of Parabola, The Generalised Form, Parabolic Curve, Position of a Point (x1, y1) with respect to a Parabola y2 = 4ax, Parametric Relation Between the Co-ordinates of the Ends of a Focal Chord of a Parabola. Intersection of a Line and a Parabola, Condition for Tangent, The Point of Contact, Equation of Tangent in Different Forms, Point of Intersection of Tangents at Any Two Points of the Parabola. Equations of Normals in Different Forms, Point of intersection of normals at any two points on the parabola, Relation between ‘t1’ and ‘t2’ If Normal at ‘t1’ Meets the Parabola at ‘t2’ Again, Co – Normal Points, Pair of Tangents, Chord of Contact: T = 0, Chord Bisected at a Given Point (Middle Point Chord) T=S1, Circle Through Co – Normal Points, Diameter,Lengths of Tangent, Subtangent, Normal and Subnormal, Reflection Property of a Parabola.
  • Ellipse Definition, Standard Equation of Ellipse, Length of the Latus Rectum, Focal Distance of a Point, Another Definition of Ellipse. The shape of the ellipse x^2/a^2 +y^2/b^2 =1,when b > a, Position of a point with respect to an ellipse, Intersection of a line and an ellipse, Condition of tangency. Equation of Tangent in Different Forms, Equation of Normal in Different Forms, Properties of Eccentric Angles of the Co – Normal Points, Pair of Tangents. Chord of Contact, Chord Bisected at a Given Point, Director Circle, Sub – Tangent and Sub – Normal, Reflection Property of an Ellipse, Equation of an ellipse referred to two perpendicular lines, Centre.
  • Hyperbola, Standard Equation of Hyperbola, General Equation, The Foci and Directrix of a Hyperbola, Length of Latus Rectum. Focal Distance, Conjugate Hyperbola, Position of a Point With Respect To a Hyperbola, Inter section of a line y = mx + c and a Hyperbola x^2/a^2 -y^2/b^2 =1, Condition for Tangency, Point of contact. Equations of Tangent in Different Forms, Equation of Normal in Different Form, Pair of Tangent, Chord of Contact, Chord Bisected at a Given Point (Middle Point Chord), Diameter, Conjugate Diameters.Director Circle, Sub Tangent and Sub Normal, Co – Normal Points, Asymptotes, Method to Find, The Rectangular Hyperbola xy = c2, Properties of Rectangular Hyperbola xy = c2, Reflection Property of a Hyperbola.

Coordinate geometry JEE Video Lectures


Coordinate geometry JEE Books

List of Chapters Coordinate geometry  
1-Coordinate Systems and Coordinate Download
2-The Straight Lines Download
3-The Pairs of Straight Lines Download
4-Circles Download
5-Parabola Download
6-Ellipse Download
7-Hyperbola Download

Coordinate geometry JEE Test Series 2022,2023,2024

List of FREE Coordinate geometry JEE Tests  
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Paper set 3 (Difficult) Download Questions Download Solutions