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Questions for Coordinate Geometry  for JEE

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Important Topics in Coordinate Geometry  for IIT JEE

Coordinate Systems and Coordinates (Topic Weightage : 1 %)

  • Co- ordinate Axes, Rectangular Cartesian co – ordinates of a point, Distance Between Two Points, Section Formulae, Triangle, Locus and Its Equation, 

The Straight Lines (Topic Weightage : 3 %)

  • line, Intercepts of a line on axis, Reduction of general equation, line Theorem, parallelogram, Concurrent lines, Family of lines, Circumcentre and orthocenter, bisectors, Minimization or Maximization.

The Pairs of Straight Lines (Topic Weightage : 3 %)

  • Pair of Straight Line,  Homogeneous Equation, General Equation of Second Degree, 

Circles (Topic Weightage : 3 %)

  • Equation of a Circle, Parametric Form, General Form, Concentric Circle. Position of a Point With Respect to a Circle, Intersection of a Line and a Circle, Tangent, tangent only by calculus, Parametric Forms, Pair of Tengents, Director circle, find transverse common tangents, Transverse imaginary, Family of Circles, 

Parabola (Topic Weightage : 3 %)

  • Conic Section, Parabola, Intersection of a Line and a Parabola, Condition for Tangent, Reflection Property of a Parabola.

Ellipse (Topic Weightage : 2 %)

  • Ellipse, shape of the ellipse

Hyperbola (Topic Weightage : 2 %)

  • Hyperbola, The Foci and Directrix of a Hyperbola, Focal Distance, Conjugate Hyperbola, Co – Normal Points, Asymptotes.